Sai Swarangal, a Light Instrumental music orchestra, is a venture that has been started by Saiganesh. Saiganesh is a regular accompanying Keyboard artist for Shreeraagam Bh.Murali with whom he has now performed in more than hundred concerts across various cities in Tamilnadu. He has the capacity to make the environment lively with the melodious music when combined with the other instruments like Mrudhangam, Tabla, Ghatam, Violin, Flute, Effects Etc.

His unique way of playing and the rendition of appropriate songs according to the likes of the audience gives immense pleasure to the ears of all those who are listening to the melodious music. His enthralling music can be heard for all happy occasions like Wedding receptions, Corporate functions, Temple festivals, Birthday parties and all get-togethers.

Mambalam Saiganesh’s Sai Swarangal instrumental music in Keyboard and Mandolin caters to the areas of

  • Carnatic music
  • Devotional
  • Western classical
  • Instrumental fusion and
  • Light Music in Keyboard and Mandolin.


  • Plays varieties of songs according to the likes of the audience.
  • Plays with minimum required volume to hear and enjoy the music.
  • High quality sound systems with experienced sound engineers to monitor the sound output.
  • Usage of instruments according to the likes of the organizer.
  • Usage of only Manual instruments with no pre-recorded tools.
  • Arrangements made according to the budget of the organizer.
  • Playing with highly knowledgeable and experienced accompanying artists.